Here Are the Top Legitimate Home Based Businesses For 2010 and Beyond

Is it possible that there are legitimate home based businesses that hold well in recessionary environments and will continue to make money in any economic environment? The answer is a definite yes, and in this article, we want to look closely at two home based businesses that can thrive regardless of the economic conditions.But, before we do that, lets look closely at why these businesses always thrive even in the toughest economic conditions.To begin with, they are based on a desperate need. The need is apparent and very urgent as compared to just an ordinary want. To give an example, a cold drink may not be an urgent need while a need for a Dentist to remove one’s tooth may turn out to be very urgent. When you have a product that answers an urgent need, there is really no selling that takes place as long as you are in contact with the right audience.Secondly, a legitimate home based business that will work well in any economic environment must be based on a product or service that the market is willing to open their wallets and pay for. Its not every desperate need that people will pay for. For example, there are sometimes desperate needs for information online but, people may not necessarily pay to get it.So, a research on the PPC search engines must clearly indicate a strong willingness on the part of the target market to pay. Although other factors do come into play in the choice of business, the above two factors are critical.Now, what sort of legitimate home based businesses will meet this criteria?The information business environmentInformation has continued and will continue to be one of the most important forms of business that will thrive regardless of economic conditions. Why is that?To begin with, we are living in the information age where people sometimes desperately need information to solve urgent problems. This, combined with the growth of doing business through the internet has made it easy for entrepreneurs to cash in big time.However, not any information product will make it. You need to focus only on developing information products that people have a desperate need for. Its got nothing to do with your passion or even what you know. Its got everything to do with what the market needs and will pay for. If you have achieved some meaningful success online and you want to create a product that teaches others how to do it, think again. You may not make it.Pure product salesIf you have chosen your product right, selling physical goods may be one of the most recession resistant businesses you can ever start. Clearly, there are certain types of physical goods that will always enjoy a healthy demand regardless of economic conditions.But, what sort of products are we talking of here?Well, look at products that people cannot do without especially if such products have a proven record of solving the problems for which they are intended. Probably the most known products in this area will include product fore acne, weight loss etc.In terms of your actual strategy, you can either sell the products on eBay or even develop your own site or sell them from home through network marketing. Better still, you can combine all these into one solid business approach.Now, there you have it, two credible businesses that can make you a dependable income.

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